2020 Swinging Doors Golf Club
Membership Application


Please fill out the information below and submit your completed application and fee(s) to the pull-tab bartender. 2020 Memberships expire on December 31st, 2020.

2020 Membership Rates
$50.....Regular Membership
$5......Junior Rate (8 years old or younger)

15% Golfer Discount
All Swinging Doors Golf Club Members in good standing receive 15% off goods, N/A beverages, and Swinging Doors merchandise!

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I hereby attest that all information is accurate and promise to adhere to all USGA rules and proper score posting protocol as detailed by the WSGA and USGA. I will post all of my scores in a timely manner and I understand that my handicap can be adjusted by this club or the WSGA based on irregular scores posted in tournament play.

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